What You Have

a-littleYou may have but a little,
a little skill,
a little knowledge,
a little hope.

Use it.

As you do, you’ll gather more
and polish what you already posses.
Do you only know two chords:
the major E and minor A?

Play them.

Play them till your fingers ache.
Play them till your eardrums leap
and your brain begins to tingle.
Do you only have two words in mind:
a subject and a verb?

Write them.

Write them till your pen runs dry.
Write them till they whisper something new to you
and your thoughts begin to vibrate.

Paint with the colors on your palette.
Dance the steps you learned last evening
when it pleased you so to learn them.

Love the ones in front of you,
the ones who keep staring at you
from behind their bowls of wheat puffs.

Love them first, for what they
and every other little thing you have
are providing
is the chance
to learn to love a great deal more.

Use it.

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