Longing to Set Sail? You’ve Got a Lot of Ships to Choose From


Maybe you’re standing on the shore. You’re looking out across the big, blue ocean, longing to set sail, aching to get your journey started, but not sure where to begin.

A Shore Thing

Some of your friends have already launched. You can see them on the horizon, their sails whipping in the wind and their bows plowing through the waves, and you want to join them. You want to be out there, splashing about, getting wet, moving forward, exploring, discovering, making your way.

But you don’t have a ship to sail. It’s not that there aren’t any available. You simply haven’t chosen one.

The Sails Pitch

Many have tried to convince you of the merits of their ship, the one they’ve chosen for their own particular voyage. And some are quite persuasive, so much so that at times they can make you believe that theirs is the only ship worth boarding.

“What,” one might say while hauling in their nets, “you have a job? Poor thing. You really must try entrepreneurSHIP.”

“Oh no,” cries out another while holding up their captain’s log, “still working with your hands? Haven’t you heard of scholarSHIP?”

“Hey you,” calls yet one more from aboard a crowded deck, “you seem to be lost and alone and confused. Why not join our fellowSHIP? We have all the answers you seek.”

But you’re not so sure about all that they’re so certain about, so you stand in the sand with all your doubts and reservations, wondering what it will take for you to finally begin your own journey.

I’m not sure. I don’t have your answers. It’s okay if you don’t either.

Going Below the Deck

Not having the answers just means you have to ask questions, questions of yourself, questions that ignore the assertions being fed to you, questions that focus instead on what’s real.

You have to choose your own ship. You may even have to build it. You may have to amass or construct entire fleets of them, because there are so many ships to choose from and one might not be enough.

I’ve already mentioned entrepreneurSHIP, scholarSHIP, and fellowSHIP, but you know there are others. FriendSHIP, craftsmanSHIP, citizenSHIP, leaderSHIP, showmanSHIP, and partnerSHIP are just a few that come to mind.

And there are some you’d do well to avoid like censorSHIP, dictatorSHIP, and one-upmanSHIP.

Which ship do you wish to set sail on? Don’t be afraid. Pick the one that’s calling to you and forget the ones others are calling you to. It’s your voyage. Which way is the wind blowing in your world, today?

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