Trump Is Everything I Was Taught Not to Be

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My disdain for Donald Trump has little to do with Republican vs Democrat. It has much more to do with what I was taught growing up about being a decent human being.

Much of that was taught to me by my father, a man who wasn’t perfect but always tried his best to be decent toward and honest with everyone he met. Trump is just about everything I was taught not to be, and it’s become almost all but impossible to hold onto whatever respect I once held for people I know who support him.

It doesn’t feel good to lose that respect. I was also taught to look for the good in people, and I still believe there’s good in almost everyone, but I find less of it when I hear people cheer for a man who embodies everything my father taught me to disdain: bullies, liars, blowhards, braggarts, and cheats. To me, championing a man who displays those behaviors on an almost daily basis demonstrates a fundamental flaw of character.

Based on what I was taught, you just don’t do the following: You don’t mock the disabled. You don’t disparage someone for being a prisoner of war, even if you disagree with their politics. You don’t take money from a proclaimed charitable foundation and use it to pay $20,000 for a painting of yourself to give to your spouse. You don’t claim you’ve given a million dollars to veterans that you haven’t given, then, when the press discovers and reports that you haven’t, try to cover your ass by giving it in the middle of the night before calling a press conference the following day to berate the media for calling you on your dishonesty. You don’t insinuate things about the parents of a fallen soldier you could have discovered were false by checking just because you got your precious feelings hurt when they criticized your proposed ban on people who practice their religion which is about as direct a violation of the U.S. Constitution as someone can cook up. You don’t claim that people in the military will do whatever you tell them to do, even if it’s a war crime, as if this is Nazi Germany and you’re der Führer. You don’t score women’s looks like you’re the Universe’s gift to them. You don’t encourage crowds to commit acts of violence against people exercising their first amendment rights. You don’t encourage foreign agents to hack your political opponent’s emails. You don’t run around accusing the president of not being a natural born citizen, then wrongfully dump the blame on your opponent when you finally have to admit, in the most weaselly way possible, that you were wrong from the start. You don’t claim you can’t release your tax records because you’re being audited when being audited in no way prohibits you from releasing them, and then refuse to even provide evidence that you’re actually being audited. You don’t pretend you’re friends with someone you never met. You don’t promote torture when men and women have given their lives to fight enemies who employ it. You don’t make flippant remarks about people assassinating the other candidate. You don’t do so many things this man does almost every day.

If we disagree on these things, we simply don’t share the same values. If I criticize these things and your response is to laugh with derogatory glee, you come across to me like a toothless jackass braying as you take a steaming whiz on human decency.

We can debate the impact of a minimum wage hike, the best approach to healthcare, the effectiveness and constitutionality of a gun regulation proposal, and a great many other things, but human decency isn’t on my list of debatable topics anymore, and it never should have been to begin with.

My father was a Republican, but he was not a straight ticket voter, and I can’t believe he would have ever cast a ballot for this man. As the father of a handicapped child who died very young, he would have severed any ties he had to Trump the day the candidate mocked a reporter’s disfiguring congenital joint disorder.

I think my father would have agreed with my basic argument against such behavior: “Screw that asshole and the festering pile of shit he rode in on.”

But more important to me than what my father taught me is what I teach my own children. They’re adults now and must decide for themselves who they’re going to be, but I still believe it’s my responsibility to be someone worthy of their respect.

I have never been what anyone would call wildly successful, and I would say I failed at being the kind of husband I should have been when I was married to their mother, but I do my best to demonstrate to them how I feel about the importance of honesty and compassion for others. No, I don’t always live up to my own standards, but I have them, which means I’m painfully aware of the times when I bite the ethical dust.

It also means I recognize a candidate who has no standards at all when I see one. I don’t have to read a news report or fact check claims made by others about him. I can read the transcripts of his talks and interviews. I can watch videos of him in action. I can read his childish tweets. I can watch him live as he displays an absolute disdain for anything requiring humility, compassion, or scholarship.

As former POW Joel Sollender says in a new Hillary Clinton ad, “He is everything I would not want to be or emulate.” And those who support him are supporting everything I have no respect for, and I honestly find it hard to separate them from that.

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267 thoughts on “Trump Is Everything I Was Taught Not to Be

  1. Pam Steger says:

    This about sums up my feelings. I was taught to be better than this. I, too, was taught respect for my fellow man whether I agree with his viewpoint or not. A POW is a war hero…no question. This man never served a day in his life and has NO appreciation for those that gave so much. Thank you to our heroes. You NEVER mock someone with a disability. You encourage them to live their life to the fullest. If you make a mistake you own it. It is part of being a human. This man is truly incapable. I don’t find his actions or words funny or commendable. I really don’t know what is happening to my country but we have so many people who are becoming the “ugly American”. I guess if you get up and scream change everyone jumps in marching around playing follow the leader. They become incapable of really listening and thinking. Thank you for a very well written article.

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      • Pat says:

        I cannot figure out how to add my 2 cents to this blog without replying to someone else’s comment so will do it here. Ken Roberts, I agree with you & many others here. I would live to post this to my fb page, however, it will fall on death ears for my die-hard Trump-loving friends & family. Besides that, they will eat me alive with their nasty remarks! I gave up some time ago trying to get them to “understand”! Many of these people as intelligent, go figure! They cannot seem to get past the lies that they have been fed but why they don’t see Trump on TV everyday making a fool of himself & denegrating others is beyond me! All I can say now is please encourage everyone who has a doubt about Trump to Vote for Hillary on Election day & if you are a Hillary fan, GET OUT & VOTE! Our people & country depend on a Hilary vote! Please, Please!

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  2. Mary Elizabeth Sanford Auburn says:

    Describes the way I was reared by parents who survived the depression. My father served in the Navy – South Pacific Theater on a Destroyer class ship. They were Republicans, but I think both of them would be very disappointed by what has happened to the GOP if they were still alive. Can’t describe how angry Mr. Trump makes me with his language and demeanor.

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      • Vera says:

        Loved your article, and cannot disagree with one sentence. However, I’m no Hillary fan. As an example, she lied about being attacked by “Serbian sniper fire,” not on one occasion, but during four separate speaches. She is so arrogant, that she actually believed the crap that comes out of her mouth. I would love to read an article from you, explaining how a “public servant” became a millionaire. I don’t care for either candidate. Never in my years of voting, have I been so distraught. There is non”voting for the lesser evil” with these two.


    • You are only a deplorable if you support Trump, And even 50% of Trump supporters were not put in that basket (though I think anyone who can support him in any way shape or form is deplorable, even if Clinton does not)

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    • J says:

      It’s astounding that anyone is capable of believing Trump will address (other than talking) any of the grievances he promises, given the pile of carnage that is his track record. He’s rich and he has a big mouth. He can say dumb things with a lot of amplification.

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  3. K. Dee says:

    Evidently voting for a dishonest crook involved her whole career in lies, cover ups, and treating people with disrespect is ok with you. Many people who have worked with her paint a real ugly picture of how she treats others. You are flat out wrong about Trump and to write such untruths says a lot about how you were brought up. No one including all the press and liberal elites had anything bad to say about Trump until he decided to run for President and his life has been public for many years. The people who know him, work for him; with him and his family speak to his character. The American people are on to the dishonest lies being spewed by the main stream media and other wannabes. So you can get down off your liberal high horse pretending to be just to good and wonderful a person to vote for Trump.


    • Janet says:

      How he treats his family? He said he’d date his daughter and made a comment about his other daughter’s big boobs (she takes after her mother, complete with hand gestures) He’s a sicko on top of all the truths in this article.

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    • Ann V. says:

      K. Dee, you speak as if the media has somehow fabricated these things about Trump out of nowhere. Yet Trump is out in public every day displaying his trashy personality and ideas as if they are normal. That’s why the above videos of him exist. Because he has indeed said these vile things and displayed his sewerish personality. That’s eyewitness reality, not second-hand gossip.

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      • That’s basically what I would have said if I thought there was any potential benefit in doing so. When there’s video footage of Trump saying and doing the things you criticize and they accuse you of making it up, what’s the point of pretending they have a serious interest in the honest debate?

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    • Hoosiermama says:

      How is it that you have managed to not see Trump do these things for yourself? There’s video, screen shots of his tweets, etc., that SHOW him saying and doing these awful things. No one has to “lie” about him. In many cases, he repeats the awful things he has said and done as if he were proud of them.

      When you deny the evidence of your own eyes and ears, you have serious problems.

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    • Susan J McKelvey says:

      No you are wrong, many people had bad things to say, 3400 lawsuits for non payment of bills on all of his great building projects. In court, over and over found to have defrauded small businesses on contracts he had his representatives sign in order to not be held accountable, but they did find him accountable, because he wrote the checks! He has been charged three times with rape, quietly paid off those and they wet away, except did they, he decided to run for president and calls and threatened two of them if they ever mention anything about it. Well now, they are! All this is recorded prior to his run including his never donating to his own charity foundation, but taking personally from it! He is scum a d always has been! Not to mention the thousands of defrauded students from Trump University!
      Not one thing that was written in this article cannot be looked up and verified with your own eyes, but you can’t do it can you! You have been bamboozled, and there is nothing more painful than admitting even to yourself that you’ve been had!

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    • SAM HEATWOLE says:

      That’s because he was just another asshole on TV then, nobody thought a bunch of mindless people would see to it that this pile of crap could run for POTUS!! Wake up!

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    • Linda says:

      K.Dee…untruths?? You can watch videos of every ugly thing that Trump has done. He is shown on video mocking a disabled reporter. He is shown on video insulting McCain because he was a prisoner of war. He is shown on video inciting violence at his rallies. He is shown on video lusting after his own daughter. You cannot deny that he has done all of these things and much more. Just watch the videos. These are NOT untruths, as you claim. He is a horrible human being.

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    • J says:

      Trump has been a byword for trash for as many decades as he has been in the public eye. For heaven’s sake, READ a little before you post–something outside of the echo chamber you must live in to believe such nonsense.

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    • Lynn Kiaer says:

      Mr. Dee is not “flat out wrong about Trump.” Trump has done and said all the things Mr. Dee enumerates, and then some. Plenty of people had bad things to say about him before he ran for president – among them the many contractors he stiffed. The press never bothered to write about him because he was (and is) nothing but a poseur.

      Trump is unquestionably a liar. Most of his statements are lies. He is willfully ignorant about the issues, and as a result his proposals are almost universally unworkable, illegal and/or immoral. He shows no willingness to learn.

      Most of Clinton’s statements are true. She is knowledgeable about the issues, and her proposals are practical, legal (I really shouldn’t even have to mention that) and morally sound. She has demonstrated that her position can evolve in the face of new information. Did she lie about her use of a private e-mail server? Yes. And she has agreed that the server was a bad idea.

      If you have never lied or shaded the truth, never had to apologize, never done something you regretted, by all means throw your stones at Clinton and embrace Trump (who, by the way, claims that he always tells the truth, and that he can’t remember ever apologizing).

      I have my faults, but, like Mr. Dee’s, they stop short of mocking the disabled, calling people names and otherwise behaving like a schoolyard bully (or a petulant toddler, at least since I stopped being an actual toddler), or inciting violence against my opponents.

      Much of the so-called evidence against Clinton is in the form of innuendo and, in many cases, outright lies. She is not Little Miss Sunshine, and she has her flaws. But her lifetime transgressions pale against a week of Trump’s – sometimes even just a day of Trump’s.

      I will proudly cast my vote for Clinton come November. I understand that there are some voters for whom a single issue is so important that they cannot support her, and that some of those voters will reluctantly cast their vote for Trump. Like Mr. Dee, I have lost a great deal of respect for those who will vote enthusiastically for Trump in November.

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    • Carol says:

      OMG!!!!! The proof is in the article. It could bite you in the butt and you’re still defending Crooked Donald and Lyin’ Donald. God help this country if he becomes President!!!!!

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    • Mark O'Connor says:

      You fail to back up anything you claim about Hilary, unlike the man whose article you are criticising.

      Your criticism of Hilary is based on nothing more than hearsay. Have you any proof of what you claim?

      Ken has provided many video clips that back up his statements with actual news coverage of these events.

      All you have done is state your obvious bias towards Trump and I doubt even if you could see that Trump lies all the time, you wouldn’t believe it.

      There is nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion, but when you start calling people a liar and saying they are being untruthful, you better well have the facts to back up your claims.

      Mind the horseshit.


  4. Margaret Laguna says:

    I was happy to know I wasn’t the ONLY Trump is everything I was taught not to be. This article was so refreshing, enlightening, and thank you for your encouragement.

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  5. Cindy says:

    Hillary is no better than Trump and has already demonstrated her lack of ability at leading our country. Neither one of them are in this except for what they can gain for themselves. I agree with friends who say nope to Trump and noper to Hillary.


    • I have to strongly disagree. Hillary does not go around inciting violence, spreading bigotry, or fueling hatred. She holds her head up high after decades of mudslinging. If she didn’t believe so strongly in public service, she could do A LOT of things that would protect her from this constant negative onslaught and pay a lot more than the job of president!

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    • Ellen says:

      This never works but lets try it anyway. Name one thing she has done so horrific with actual facts. Citation , legal charge, congressional report, FBI report whatever…

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    • J says:

      False equivalence in action. He’s incompetent, intemperate, foolish, childish, and a sociopath. Clinton lies just like all politicians (even your favorites!), but Trump is something other.

      It is NOT ‘6 to one, half-dozen to the other’ at ALL, and you only spotlight a lack of critical acumen by saying so.

      I remember studying the conditions that gave rise to Hitler and wondering how that could possibly happen to an entire nation.

      Now I know. Wake the &^% up!

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    • AJ says:

      Maybe you should do more research rather than be a low-information voter and listen to all the right wing propaganda out there. Even reporters that have followed her looking for unethical behavior have not been able to find a trace. She is honest no matter how much the GOP tries to paint her as not being.

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    • Pam says:

      why don’t you give concrete evidence of why Hillary is no better than Trump? Hillary has been in service to this country for years and has demonstrated decency, respect for others, humility, and compassion for others. She is also a team player and understands the intricacies of higher office. Can you give examples of why you think Trump is more decent, demonstrates more respect for others, is more humble and more compassionate towards others?

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    • Mark O'Connor says:

      I disagree also. I’ve not heard Hilary blaming Muslims, Mexicans and immigrants for ALL of the problems that plague America.

      She does not incite hatred and anger.

      When you compare the two campaigns one is full of hate and that’s pretty obvious.

      The other is full of logic and reason.

      If you can’t figure out which one is which I can’t help you and neither can anyone else on this topic as you’ve already lost your moral compass if you consider Hilary & Trump to be anywhere near the same.


  6. Terry Hodges says:

    Ken, I have shared this essay on Facebook where I stated I could have written this essay. What you have expressed is my own story as well. This is my first experience reading your work. I will continue to read. Wishing you well.

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  7. S says:

    Your growing up lessons reflect mine & what I tried to .instill in my children. I can only hope that they will never sink as low as Trump. Thanks. And I surely hope that they will make voting decisions after serious thought about their values.

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  8. Dora Goff-Parsons says:

    Thank you for exactly describing my feelings toward Trump. He is everything my parents taught me not to be. He is everything that I do not want my children or grandchildren to look up to. I am in mourning for my family and friends who support him. It makes me wonder how we could have shared so much of our lives with each other but be so far apart on this; especially since my negative feelings toward him are because of his lack of morals, virtues, manners, ethics, scruples or any redeemable quality for that matter.

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    • Marcia says:

      I am in mourning too. I have a brother and other relatives who are supporting him and it makes me unbelievably sad. Like you, I also wonder how we could share so much of our lives and be miles apart on this.

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      • J says:

        Yes–this hits on the worst aspect of this fascist garbage; we all have friends and family swept away in idiocy and wonder how it’s possible to have conversations about things beyond the weather any more. And *that* will not go away after the election. Fox and Friends my ass.

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  9. Renee says:

    Your observation:

    “”Trump is just about everything I was taught not to be, and it’s become almost all but impossible to hold onto whatever respect I once held for people I know who support him.

    It doesn’t feel good to lose that respect. I was also taught to look for the good in people, and I still believe there’s good in almost everyone, but I find less of it when I hear people cheer for a man who embodies everything my father taught me to disdain: bullies, liars, blowhards, braggarts, and cheats. To me, championing a man who displays those behaviors on an almost daily basis demonstrates a fundamental flaw of character.”

    is exactly my struggle. I am confounded by friends, co-workers, and even some family who now support him. In a number of cases they are people I once thought educated, compassionate, thinking, and discerning individuals. I have tried to supply as much factual information as possible to refute the ridiculous claims being made about HRC and even Obama. I supply links to, which endeavors to provide objective information and is not media owned, but it seems not to matter to these people. I am heart sick after discussions that leave me wondering who these people have become. In one case I had an exchange where a friend became sarcastic and nasty. This frightens me most. I fear the divisiveness introduced into our discourse by this crude poser, and the emotions that run so high, I’m afraid of civil war.

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    • I’m in the same boat. I’m not surprised my parents both support him, as they’ve been blatantly racist for as long as I can remember. But there are others who I thought to be much more reasoned and interested in truth and decency than they apparently are. I can only surmise at this point, after seeing what they’ve expressed, that their decency was just an act and that now because of Trump they feel free to express their actual thoughts and feelings. It’s shocking, but at the same time there’s a part of me that is glad that I’m getting a chance to see who these people really are and that I’m no longer being deceived by the public facade they displayed previously.

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      • Mark O'Connor says:

        Excellent point.

        With Brexit over here in the UK many racists thought it gave them the opportunity to be openly racist against minorities because the issue of immigration was closely linked to the leave campaign.

        It came as no surprise to me to see UKIP leader Nigel Farage attend a Trump rally last month in support of the same kind of fascist ideas.

        Right wing media has pushed politics so far to the right in the UK that even being in the centre is still more right wing than it used to be.

        If you are moderately left wing you are seen as an extremist these days.

        Rupert Murdoch owner of Fox News and News International influence politics on both sides of the Atlantic in insidious ways and they fan the flames of racism.

        They claim to be speaking as the “voice of the people”, but they ramp up anti-Muslim rhetoric and stoke up the flames of hatred.


  10. Jorge says:

    Well say man.. I shared it
    It must be everybody’s values and principles based on love and respect for others, that’s our will to our generations making this nation stronger togheter which I am proud of. So sad to know a candidate with no moral values and principles at all..

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    • Kathy Britt says:

      Thanks Ken. I am a “naturalized citizen” and I am appalled by this experience! I am scared, angry and just dumbfounded by the need some people have to believe this vile man and to believe the untruths about Hillary.
      I am saddened by this.

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  11. woodburger100 says:

    Just as I won’t vote for Trump for all the reasons you state, I feel there are just about as many issues with Hillary… it seems we are doomed. It seems the third party candidates are also very poor choices. This election is like being stuck in a nightmare.

    Your logic is inescapable, the case you lay out convincing and very well stated. Thank you.

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    • I’m just going to say this regarding Clinton. I used to have very negative feelings about her, but I’ve also developed a habit of challenging my assumptions, especially when I hear something over and over again and realize I’ve never really questioned it.

      When that happens, I dig. I ask myself what is the evidence for these claims?

      When it comes to Clinton, my digging revealed an intelligent, tough, no nonsense woman who has done a number of admirable things in her life. And as politicians go, she’s been pretty much in line with just about all politicians. She waffles and obfuscates from time to time and isn’t always as forthcoming as I wish politicians would be, but I haven’t found any real hard evidence for the portrait of a monster that’s been painted of her.

      She has been under almost constant attack from political opponents for decades. They have launched all manner of charges against her.

      And yet when you dig, when you really dig, and try to find the evidence for these charges you come up with little more than a clustermash of hearsay and wild speculation.

      She’s never been found guilty of anything but that only serves as proof of her guilt to those who are prone to conspiracy theories.

      Furthermore, as you dig you encounter stories from people who truly know her, people who have worked alongside her and people she has helped. They paint a much different picture than one served up by people who get all their information from her opponents.

      She is not without her faults. No one is. But nothing I have uncovered about her supports in any way the notion that she’s “just as bad as Trump.”

      In fact, I’ve come to find that hypothesis laughably unsupportable.

      My saying this has won me the hostility of people on both the left and the right. But it’s my honest assessment and, knowing the efforts I’ve devoted to it, I have no reason to consider it a less informed one than that of those who want to call me foolish and blind.

      Whenever I’ve engaged in debate with people about this, I see the same thing again and again: repetitions of rumors and thoroughly debunked claims, and those are the better arguments.

      Her use of a private email server seems to be the thing that warrants the most legitimate criticism, but I see no evidence that she was intentionally jeopardizing security or engaging in nefarious activity for personal gain.

      Most of the people who leave comments on my Facebook posts where I used to do most of my writing before recently deciding to publish my thoughts here would make claims about her then try to shift the burden of proof by requiring me to prove their claims were false. That’s not how claims and evidence work. The person making the claim is the one responsible for providing sufficient evidence to demonstrate their validity.

      I would add once again, however, that my disdain for Trump is independent from my thoughts about Clinton. I can name a vast number of Republicans who I disagree with politically but do not hold in contempt, and any one of them would make a far better candidate than Trump and I would respectfully acknowledge them as my president if elected like I have with others I didn’t personally vote for.

      I responded to your comment because it was rational even though we disagree.

      But I will not engage in discussions with angry Trump supporters who just want to lash out. I’ve spent countless hours doing that already and it’s proven to be nothing but fruitless and draining. They don’t seem to care about facts, rules of logic, or basic human decency. They also tend to display a great disdain for scholarship and anything intellectual. They don’t even see you as a fellow American if you dare to oppose them, and I have no interest in entertaining their blustering and bullying.

      Thank you for sharing your views.

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      • PLR says:

        Thank you for your comments on both candidates. Being a minister of Christian Education and the spouse of an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church makes it tough at times to be respectful to those who are so hateful about HRC. She and I were raised on Wesleyan theology and I identify with so much she does according to her faith. As for the e-mails who really cares at this point?The main thing is, if it should have been classified, it is now classified. The world already recognizes her as a powerful, fair leader. It will be sad if she is not elected. But my faith in God will guide me to accept whoever is President because that is what I was raised to do by my parents.

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      • Christine Gruenwedel says:

        This is a phenomenal assessment of Hilliary!! Just like Obama , she has had to endure years of lies being spread about her, ugly rumors, hurtful messages hurled at her, and just constant negativity, double standards, hypocritical judgements being slammed at her…. enough to make any sane person have a nervous break down , yet she is tough and survives it all with grace and not all whiney and threatening law suits.
        This alone makes her a perfect candidate as she can stand her own ground ( without even a gun 😋)
        Can you post this as a blog piece and not just here as a comment. Would love to spread this piece too.

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      • Mary Pat McNeil says:

        I applaud you for your article on Trump as well as the follow up on Hillary. No comparison. She is not perfect but does not deserve the disdain or lack of human decency in the treatment she has gotten from Trump supporters or from the press. Misogyny at its worst. Thank you for standing up and speaking the truth.

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    • J says:

      False equivalence. She certainly isn’t perfect, but the notion that she is incompetent or the antichrist needs to be slapped down for the nonsense it is. I would love to wash the neoliberalism off of her, but I will vote for Hillary gladly in lieu of Trump.

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  12. Herb Myles says:

    As a 92 year young vet of WW II in the Pacific, the current political situation with this coarse, lying, cheating con man buffoon running for the highest office in our land, has me thinking that I had wasted my youthful years fighting for this great country of ours. How could we have sunk so low as to permit this narcissistic blowhard to have even made it this far?????George Washington and Thomas Jefferson must be spinning in their graves–all the great works done in the past 200 odd years could be washed down the toilet if trump were to prevail- Even Mickey Mouse of Donald Duck would be a better choice–Wake up America before you give away your beloved country..

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  13. Thank you so much. I’ve been very diligent in keeping “political” posts off my Facebook page. But yours is not so much about politics as it is about character. And I actually feel good sharing it. Thanks, again.

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  14. Rachel A. Bernhardt says:

    Thank you for spelling out all the ways in which Trump’s personality and behavior goes against everything I, too, was raised to venerate as the way decent human beings live their lives. I count myself as lucky that I have no relatives or friends who support Trump, because frankly I don’t know how I could continue to have any kind of relationship with them. Anyone who is comfortable with even one single viewpoint Trump has put out is enough to show me that they have no consideration for the rights and needs of others — banning Muslims from entering the country? Striking down a woman’s right to choose? Not speaking out against his white supremacist supporters’ vision of a minority-free society or the cries of “kill the bitch” at his rallies? Insisting that Clinton plans to strike down the 2nd Amendment? Trump’s lies and disingenuousness goes on and on.
    Keep on writing, you speak the truth.

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  15. Mats Ekstrom says:

    Thank you Ken for a great article. I do hope you Americans are so smart that you want vote for the idiot trump.
    then you can start to deport trumps wife who speaks very poor English after so many years

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    • J says:

      Apparently, you have no idea concerning what constitutes an argument, nor understand that an appeal to emotion is a legitimate one. Additionally, he backed up his claims with a truckload of evidence.

      All you have done is name-call, kind of like that jerk-meme with the sign calling other people “morans” that circulated last year. And just like him, you’ve embarrassed yourself and aren’t intelligent enough to realize it.

      You’re welcome.

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      • Viv says:

        I know a lot about her and while she made some mistakes she is not he un kind heart less person Trump is. I always find Hillary attackers really don’t say much about her they just attack. In Hillary’s life she has done a lot of good for others. I cant think of how trump has ever served anyone but himself. She cared for women’s rights and children’s health care.

        Liked by 1 person

      • J says:

        and what would you call someone who willfully ignores evidence showing Trump is a hundred times worse, when we don’t even know a fraction of his shady dealings?
        If only he were simply ignorant.
        Culpable is more like it.


  16. dannyofphilly says:

    Do you think that the delusion, narcissism, arrogance, moral indignation, condescension and intellectual dishonesty reflected in this article had anything to do with your marriage failing? Just a question.
    This article is hilarious. You’re too emotional to be taken seriously.


      • dannyofphilly says:

        Well I’m not the one who failed as a husband, am I? Being genuine, even if the message isn’t well received, is always better than being delusional, narcissistic, arrogant, morally indignant, condescending and intellectually dishonest. But you’re so busy trying to pretend to be on the moral high ground at all times… (even when you’re nowhere close to it)t… that I doubt you would have any awareness of self or those around you. It would definitely explain your relationship failings.


    • You’re using ‘failing as a husband’ to criticize someone critiquing a man who is on his third marriage? Two of those marriages which were ended by affairs with other women? That’s your argument against Mr Robert?


    • Hershel Franklin says:

      I took him very seriously. I’m a 71 year old and what he expressed is precisely what I have been thinking. My parents would be appalled by this man. There are 5 of us, all still living, and 2 of us are supporting Trump. It’s disappointing to say the least. I shared his article and hope I can find others.

      Liked by 1 person

    • J says:

      Those are simply the ‘qualities’ that emerge when anyone writes about Trump. I can see how you follow in your master’s footsteps, though–can’t deal with the substance, so you hurl innuendo and ad hominem attacks–sad!


  17. Amy Byrnes says:

    I really wanted to share this. I agree with most of what you said, except you also started name calling (toothless jackass…). Uncool and lessens the impact of your message.


    • Hi, Amy.

      Yes, that is what I wrote.

      If someone finds it hilarious when I criticize an abled body man for mimicking the deformities of someone with a congenital joint disorder, that is pretty much how they appear to me, like a toothless jackass. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. I just think they sound stupid.

      I don’t share your discomfort with mocking someone’s bigotry and cruelty.

      There’s not a single word I would change.

      I wish you well.

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  18. Leslie Ceanga says:

    Ken…Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! A friend of mine shared Bill Mahar’s recent rant about the lack of civility. I replied as follows..

    I’ve actually been thinking about this all morning. Without watching the above video, I blame Trump and this is why. One of his catch phrases has been that the country can no longer afford to be politically correct. His followers, and others, have taken up this banner with no clear definition of it’s meaning. Political Incorrectness, defined by Trump, is simply his means, his right and his excuse for his intolerable, cruel and crass behavior, nothing more. He has given us permission to use his ideology and we have. It fuels his ego to see how divided and angry we’ve become and it is the saddest thing I have ever seen.

    What a world.


    • Kimberly Curry says:

      Leslie – Right on sistah! I posted on FB about 2 months ago that he is inviting, enticing, welcoming & encouraging sooo many bigots & racists who, for whatever their reasons have been on the quiter side of their true feelings. It seems as if they’re crawling outta of the woodwork. (& outta the woods & hills)! I am absolutely sickened by this man, his ego & narcissism. Now he has all the “non politically correct” folks taking off their whitevpointed hat bedsheets w holes for eyes & showing their faces in public. Because Trump says its cool by actually demonstrating & saying so every day. Yesterday in Fort Myers there were several mullets in wife-beater T-shirts. One caught on camera said “Fuck Hillary”. Wow. Im frightened.
      Thanks Ken. Beautifully written & dead on correct. Loved it.


      • Leslie Ceanga says:

        Kimberly….I live in Fort Myers. Moved here from blue Massachusetts a year ago. I never saw that on the news. Kinda glad I didn’t!


  19. Bill says:

    This is the most honest and sincere evaluation of a man who is most definitely unfit, unprepared, and unqualified for the most demanding job in the history of the world- watching Obama comport himself with such class and dignity during unbelievably harrowing times made me so proud to be an American- in contrast, look at the crude, rude demeanor displayed by this fraud at every turn-bragging about his “manhood” and calling his opponents Lying Ted and Little Marco during the Republican debates was embarrassing to me and to our nation- this display of crassness was on display for the whole world to witness-this narcissist showed himself to be totally devoid of any knowledge or understanding of the many serious issues that face our next President-how do you think Trump’s act is playing out around the world? how secure do you think our Allies are feeling knowing that this Psycopath has his “small” hands on our nuclear buttons? if Trump has difficulty dealing with his fellow Republicans, how do you like his chances when dealing with the Russians or the Chinese or heaven forbid North Korea? Hillary has been a very effective First Lady, a highly successful Senator, and a well respected Sec of State-most importantly someone who has dedicated her whole life to improving the lives of all of us, not just the one-percenters! My passion to see Hillary get elected is not so much for me, but more so for my children and grandchildren- I shudder to contemplate the havoc 4 scary years of a Trump presidency would unleash on a very troubled world-it will be my honor and privilege to cast my vote for Hillary in November


  20. Great post. Trump will eventually meet his Waterloo, but what frightens me is the bloc of support he has brought out of America’s cesspool. The world is watching and they are believing Americans truly are stupid. I dunno. I suppose maybe Putin and Kim Jung Fucface are happy. Whaddyathink?


  21. CTrain says:

    This has been an angry year. I’ve seen people I believed to be civilized and caring humans devolve into name- slavering jackals. This isn’t reserved for ugly comments on social media posts where it seems to b a new sport to tear down anyone trying to be heard.
    I’ve seen ugly looks directed toward my Muslim friends and muttered curses as the same people go to church and tell their kids to ” Love Thy Neighbor” (except for That One). I’ve witnessed a man that I’ve known for 20 years start spewing sexist comments he never would have lowered himself to utter in a less permissive climate.
    “We’ve seen “Black Lives Matter “and the counterclaim “All Lives Matter “turn into an excuse to further divide our citizens with rhetoric and brinkmanship all to claim themselves as the more injured party. Truth be told, no one comes away unscathed, just bitter and wounded further divided.
    Now we have candidates using every segment of society as their personal Voodoo dolls to stick it to their opponent, forgetting all the while that humans are not toys to be abused and traded on a political playground.
    We are living in a time that personal attacks are treated as fact and words are prized over deeds.
    If we really believe the lie one person will be responsible for making America Great Again, then God help us lazy bastards. We all have a responsibility to uphold standards of decency, quit attacking with slurs those views we disagree on and raise ourselves above elementary school bullying tactics and smoke screens.

    Your post was spot on and I applaud you. I hope reason will win out.

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Thank you for this. I have said the same thing about not being brought up this way. I am sad that people I have love and respected are supporting this awful man. I especially like your response comment about Hillary. Last summer, a friend that I truly love detailed her contempt for Clinton, and used Benghazi as one example for it. I owed it to myself to listen to Hillary’s testimony, and follow the case to decide my own feelings about her. Up to that point, they were fairly neutral ( to slightly negative). I watched as she was attacked on many fronts, and how she handled herself. I have also done some more digging about her, and have come up with the same conclusions as you.
    I watched Trump during the primary. He claims that he won all the debates, but that is not true. He was like a bag of hot air that blew his opponents down one by one. It was the most disgusting display.
    I am a southern, 65 year old +, white woman living in a red part of a purple state. I feel disconnected from those I have called friends. I will be glad when the election is over, but I feel Trump has unleashed something so ugly, that we may never fully recover.


  23. Well done, Ken.

    Trump is a narcissistic psychopath:

    Mental health professionals are not supposed to talk about it, but we must, because we know what leaders with his character defect wreak on humanity — mayhem, destruction, and prolonged conflicts:

    The other truth that’s not meant to be mentioned is that those who support Trump share his character defect to some degree. No person who is awake and possessing a functioning conscience would support his man.


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